05 April 2010

What's been happening

Since the last time I posted, we've gotten a few things done. First, I finished painting in the bathroom. We wanted to get this done so we wouldn't have to deal with painting behind fixtures. The top 2/3 is the same color as the bedroom walls. The bottom 1/3 is painted in a semigloss white. We're installing wainscot around the room, using the wall itself as the inset of the panels.

We also finished wiring outlets and switches and installed switch plates and outlet covers in all three rooms. And I hung the other vanity light.

Next, we installed a toilet. It went remarkably smoothly. The more time-consuming parts (installing the valve and flange) had already been done, so setting the toilet and getting it all in working order only took about an hour.

Fit for a king, even if it's not centered.

Sometime last week I put valves on the supply lines for the second sink, glued on the PVC-to-metal transition fitting for the drain, screwed on the flexible tubing, and attached the P-trap. The transition fitting was too deep for a standard box flange, so I had to stack two on top of each other. It looks kind of goofy, but it's much better than leaving the PVC exposed.

Then we were ready for sink installation. This unfortunately took the better part of 4 hours. We couldn't get the P-trap to stop leaking, so the plumbing got taken apart about 5 different times. Fortunately, Tom has an infinite amount of patience and was able to fix it long after I'd given up on it. We still don't know exactly what he did differently the last time, but (knock on wood) it doesn't leak anymore.

All it needs now is a mirror!

Hopefully the second sink won't take so long to install now that we're experts on pretty much everything that can go wrong with a pedestal sink installation.

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