30 March 2012

Looking up

Clara's room is still lacking baseboards, but we decided to move her in anyway. The first night was rough but we stuck it out. One she realized we were serious about not coming back in there to get her, subsequent nights have been fine. However, this has meant that I'm unable to work in the adjacent bathroom during her nap, which has always been my prime working time. D'oh! 

I've decided to make the best of it and work on the attic room instead, which has been sitting at 65% completion for two years. The people my in-laws hired to do the drywall did a simply awful job at it. I knew it was bad before, but it's even worse than I thought. Only about half of the seams were sanded, and the ones that were sanded had left the drywall tape exposed. It took all week, but I finally finished the mudding and sanding. I even got about a quarter of the priming complete today. I don't have any pictures of the progress, but here are a few inspiration images.

Enough white to keep it light, enough color to be cheery.   

Definitely doing a whitewashed paneled wall. Love the soft colors, too.

Bright and cheerful. We've planned for recessed shelves like these.

I believe this is a Martha Stewart room. Love the mismatched beds and spreads.

Martha's own attic craft room. What could be more perfect?

 More white on white. I love the paneling here, too, but I'll probably only do it on the gable-end walls.

Love this little trundle. Can't you just see a couple of babies curled up here for a nap?

19 March 2012

More tired than my accomplishments should allow

Here are the bullet points for what we've done since we last checked in:

1. Finished making and installing window trim. Filled, sanded, primed, painted.

Don't be jealous of our view.

2. Moved an electrical box in the bathroom and patched hole. Don't ask.

A fascinating picture. The hole no longer exists.

3. Fixed some problems with the drywall where they didn't leave enough room for backerboard and tile.
4. Primed bathroom walls.

5. Added framing for a little alcove in the shower for shampoo and body wash.

6. Enjoyed the sweet fragrance of the hyacinths in the front bed (and did the weeding).

7. Mowed the lawn for the first time this year (OK, so Tom did this one, not me).

8. Completed several of the little projects I alluded to previously.

9. Traveled to Alabama and back for my little sister's wedding. Congratulations, Rebecca and Chris!

Hmm. That's it? Only 9 things? Please take into account that I only accomplish anything when this:

and this:

  happen at the same time. Most of the time it's like this: 

and this: