07 January 2013

Sort-of Resolutions

I'd love to make sweeping resolutions for our house projects, but that's just not the way things ever go around here. Instead I resolve to tidy up loose ends, to finish projects that have sat at varying levels of completion for one reason or another. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Put together the coffee table I bought a month ago. I'm using it as a bench at the end of the bed until we have a living room to put it in. It only took about 15 minutes to assemble. The girls have been using it as a play table, too, keeping the floor a little cleaner.

2. Installed a glass shelf in the bathroom. It's been sitting on the floor beside the sink for months. I got two of these, but one was missing the mounting hardware. I still haven't been able to get replacement hardware for the second one, but at least one of them is off the floor and in use. (The flowers look a little sad here, but I bought them in the floral department discount bucket over a month ago - best $2 I've spent in a long time!)

3. Finished the trim on the bathroom transom. I installed the glass with stop moulding on one side and glazing points and putty on the other. The putty side looked pretty crummy. Now both the inside and outside of the window have stop moulding.

4. Painted the tub's apron front. It had been primed for a long time but I just painted it this week. At this rate I might actually have a mostly-finished bathroom by 2014! Famous last words, right?