15 October 2012

Item #69

Getting the girls' room done is tricky since I work during naps. I've been doing a little bit in the mornings before Tom leaves for work. I made a countertop out of two pieces of 1x12 pine, pocket-screwed and glued together. I stained it (poorly) and attached it to a $15 cabinet I bought off Craigslist. I still need to build drawer fronts, but the cabinet is securely attached to the wall. Above I hung a shelf. Under the shelf is a closet rod (I used electrical conduit, which was way cheaper per foot than closet rods). Instead of running the full length of the closet, I installed it front-to-back. I know it seems weird, but with one on each side it ends up being about the same length as one longer one, plus I get the cabinet storage in between. Another bonus is that I can separate Evie's clothes from Clara's so getting dressed is easier.