19 October 2011

Weekend warriors

What a wonderfully productive weekend! Well, productive for our standards anyway. Here's the latest.

1. Finished painting the back bedroom, including the closet.

I used a couple of gallons of cheap mistint paint from WalMart. I knew it would require at least two coats for complete coverage with such cheap paint, but for $7.50/gallon I was willing to put in the extra work. Two coats worked just fine. The closet only has one coat of paint, but I'm ok with that.

2. Installed the ceiling fan.

Bellhaven II fan from Lowes.
Easy peasy.

3. Installed the closet light.

My mom was with me when I bought this light, and she thought I was crazy and tried briefly to talk me out of it. The light is mounted above the closet door, so you'll never even see it anyway. For $4.50, it does the job just as well as a more expensive light.

4. Wired up some outlets and installed the plastic outlet covers (and foam gaskets behind them). I still have several left to do in this room. Time will tell if those foam gaskets are worth it.

5. Painted trim.

Clearly we haven't installed it yet. I figured it would be easier to paint it before installation, leaving only touch-ups after it's up. We'll see.

6. Organized our piles of tools and materials.

Yes, this IS organized, believe it not!

This was all Tom. I think I might have asked one too many times if he knew where the studfinder was. The contractors moved everything around at least twice while they were here, so it was really a mess. I'm not sure what the plan is from this point (all this stuff can't stay on the bedroom floor forever), but at least I know where the studfinder is now.

Now if I can only keep up this pace on a daily basis - we'd be done in no time!

17 October 2011

State of affairs

Here are a few pictures that show the current state of affairs in the bedrooms and bathroom.

First up, the back bedroom. The drywall is hung, mudded, sanded, and primed. The ceiling has one coat of paint.

Under the painter's canvas is a surprise for another post :)

And here's the front bedroom. It also has one coat of ceiling paint.

It's really hard to get a full shot of this bedroom.

And finally, the bathroom.

It's still miles behind the other two rooms because they took so long getting the plumbing done. As long as they took, they still have at least one drain and one vent to replumb because they don't have the proper slope. I've already had to pay for oodles of extra wasted plumbing materials because of their mistakes, and I'll be darned if I'll pay extra for them to fix this. I mean, sloping a drain isn't an outlandish thing to expect, right?

13 October 2011

Big delivery

So much has happened since I last checked in. The biggest occurrence is the arrival of Evelyn Elizabeth. She was born on October 4th and weighed in at an even 10 pounds.

ND indoctrination can't begin too early.

Yep, she's a keeper.

We got some house stuff done, too, but I'll have to update on that when the planets align and the babies are both asleep at the same time :)