17 October 2011

State of affairs

Here are a few pictures that show the current state of affairs in the bedrooms and bathroom.

First up, the back bedroom. The drywall is hung, mudded, sanded, and primed. The ceiling has one coat of paint.

Under the painter's canvas is a surprise for another post :)

And here's the front bedroom. It also has one coat of ceiling paint.

It's really hard to get a full shot of this bedroom.

And finally, the bathroom.

It's still miles behind the other two rooms because they took so long getting the plumbing done. As long as they took, they still have at least one drain and one vent to replumb because they don't have the proper slope. I've already had to pay for oodles of extra wasted plumbing materials because of their mistakes, and I'll be darned if I'll pay extra for them to fix this. I mean, sloping a drain isn't an outlandish thing to expect, right?

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