21 February 2011

Cuz everybody loves a good before and after

I finally broke down and gave Clara her first haircut. It was supposed to be a little trim just to neaten things up, but squirmy babies make for bad haircuts. Before:



So now she looks like a boy. I keep reassuring her that this is only the first of many many bad childhood haircuts to come.

The springing of spring

The miraculously warm weather we've been having the past week or so prompted me to check the status of my raised flower bed. Never having taken care of a garden before, I was nervous that I planted everything wrong and that it would all be a dismal failure. But...it looks like the bulbs are as anxious for spring as I am!

Terrible picture, sorry.

Little sprouts are popping up everywhere. I think it's mostly the crocus, but maybe some of the early tulips and a few of the irises as well. I can't wait until they bloom!