10 January 2012

New year's resolutions

Does putting your list of resolutions on paper and making them public increase accountability? We'll see. Here are a few goals. 

1. Cook more/eat out less. Already I'm not doing so hot with this one. We had a bad leak in our bathroom tub faucet, so for a couple of weeks we've had the water turned off to the whole house. Cooking and washing dishes when you had to go back and forth from the basement was a pain. As luck would have it, I couldn't find the replacement parts locally and had to wait for them in the mail. But I fixed it and am miraculously keeping up with dirty dishes.

2. Sticking to the lists. I mentioned before that I'm a compulsive list-maker. I've got a notebook dedicated to weekly construction to-do lists. The tasks are small and manageable, which I've found helps me from feeling like I'm getting absolutely nothing done. Additionally, every third week's list is lighter so I can catch up on anything I didn't finish from the previous two weeks. 

3. Finish the second floor. That means everything on the construction list, plus a few more things I haven't added to it yet. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be making this resolution again next year.

4. Read more. I like settling in with a book in the evening after the kids are asleep, but dragging two little kids to the library by myself to obtain books is a hassle. I'll have to make Tom come home on time once or twice a month to take advantage of the library's extended evening hours.

5. Be more patient. I know I lose my cool too easily, especially with Clara. I know I'm going to blink and she will be all grown up, so I'm trying to breathe and enjoy all that energy she's got. Hopefully putting her in her own room where nothing is off-limits will help channel that energy into playing with toys rather than destroying my things.

What are you trying to accomplish this year?

09 January 2012

While we were in Houston for Christmas, I headed out to Anthropologie with a couple of my sisters to check out their hardware. Luck was on my side and everything I got was on clearance to begin with, and all clearance items were an additional 50% off. I bought 6 melon cabinet knobs ($1.50 each), 1 doorknob ($5), and 5 iron hooks ($1.50 each), bringing my grand total to under $23 including tax. Paying full price is for suckers!

Taken with my new camera. Thanks MOM!

And because I'm impatient I wanted to see what the knobs would look like on the dresser-turned-vanity (which is currently still a dresser). The top drawers had 2 knobs each originally, but I filled and sanded the holes and will just put one knob in the middle (the old knob layout required 8 knobs, but the store only had 6 matching pink ones on clearance). I also stained the top with a walnut stain and will be applying a Waterlox finish soon.

Now to decide what color to paint the rest of it. At the rate we're going, I've got 10 years to decide, so there's no great rush.

07 January 2012


After a long trip to Houston and back, my ol' computer decided to take a vacation of its own. I haven't been able to update, but now that my wonderful hubby fixed the problem, I've got some posts in the works to share all that's been going on in the weeks since I last posted. Merry Christmas and happy new year and all that stuff.