28 June 2014

Item #17

I finally finished the crown moulding in the back bedroom. It's primed, caulked, wood-filled, sanded, and ready for a coat or two of glossy paint. Not only that, but I got a good start on the crown in the bathroom, too. I am also in the process of cutting the last batch of wall tiles. Anything to avoid plumbing.

27 June 2014

I never really quit working on the bathroom after the ill-fated one-room challenge, but I got another kick in the pants to get it done. Tom's parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and we're throwing a party in their honor. The party won't be in our house, thank goodness, but we'd at least like to offer a bedroom and a bathroom if anyone needs it. The spare room and hall bathroom are looking worse than ever, but I can see the progress even if no one else can.

Plumbing is the worst.

23 June 2014

Clara strikes again

Just when I thought I was to the point of being able to decorate instead of construct in Clara's room, Clara struck again. One night instead of counting sheep to fall asleep she decided to peel paint off the wall. (Full disclosure, this happened like 8 months ago and I'm just now getting around to fixing it.)

Fortunately the surface of the drywall paper was still intact so I did not have to use any drywall mud. I just sanded the edges and painted right over. If you get close you can still see the outline of the part that she peeled (in retrospect, probably should have used drywall mud and not had this issue), but it disappears when you get more than two feet away. I was very happy with the color match on the new gallon I had to buy for the repair, so kudos to Sherwin-Williams for that!