23 June 2014

Clara strikes again

Just when I thought I was to the point of being able to decorate instead of construct in Clara's room, Clara struck again. One night instead of counting sheep to fall asleep she decided to peel paint off the wall. (Full disclosure, this happened like 8 months ago and I'm just now getting around to fixing it.)

Fortunately the surface of the drywall paper was still intact so I did not have to use any drywall mud. I just sanded the edges and painted right over. If you get close you can still see the outline of the part that she peeled (in retrospect, probably should have used drywall mud and not had this issue), but it disappears when you get more than two feet away. I was very happy with the color match on the new gallon I had to buy for the repair, so kudos to Sherwin-Williams for that!


glenna said...

There has to be a reason that the paint is peeling up in patches. I know for certain that those walls were primed......I was there and helped with that before Miss Evie came along. There is no excess moisture in that wall, so what is it, do you think?

Sarah said...

I'm guessing I didn't do a good enough job of wiping drywall dust off the wall before we primed. But really, no paint job is going to outlast someone actively trying to peel it off. I suspect she pressed into the wall with her fingernail enough to dent it, then just picked the paint off one strip at a time. It wasn't like she peeled a huge patch off in a single sheet - there was a pile of shredded paint under her bed.

glenna said...