18 March 2011

Oh, no, not this again...

Now that the weather is more agreeable to working outdoors, I'm ready for The Wall, v2.0. Don't worry, I won't make you read the agonizing details again, just know that it's on its way. I tested the limits of my upper body and the hauling capacity of our poor hybrid car by lugging around 500 pounds of gravel and sand from Lowe's. I think poor Clara has spent more time in Lowe's in her 9 months on earth as most people do in a lifetime!

17 March 2011

Our first little rebel

On my daily flower check yesterday morning, I finally spotted our first bloom!

There are several others close behind, rebelling against the still-cold weather we've been suffering. I've been seeing crocus blooming everywhere except my flowerbed, so I was worried that I am a bad gardener after all. A quick Google search assured me that first-year bulbs often take a week or two longer to bloom than established ones. Whew!

Oh, and whether your Irish heritage is real or adopted (or if like me you're not sure), happy St. Patrick's Day!