23 September 2012

Item #51

Another day, another item checked off the list. I built the face frame for the tub apron ages ago but never got around to adding beadboard to it, mostly because transporting those big panels is always problematic (but also because I was trying to figure out how to eke out a little bit of storage with some kind of tilt-out). Then I realized that buying real beadboard was half the price, easier to transport, and better for a bathroom application than MDF anyway and the scant storage I would gain wasn't worth the trouble. I pin-nailed the boards to the back of the frame and nailed the whole assembly to the tub deck. I topped it with a 1x4 with a rounded front edge and drip edge underneath.

22 September 2012

Item #88

I built a window for the transom over the master bathroom door (well, the doorway. We still don't have a door). I used an old piece of glass from a window that was falling apart. With accurate measurements and a table saw, this really didn't take very long to execute. Just built an open box with door stop moulding along the inside perimeter. Then leaned the glass in, tacked in some glazier's points, and applied glazing putty to the edge. Tooled a clean edge and done!

21 September 2012

Items 60 & 61 - Sort of

Clara didn't nap today, so my sole achievement was hanging a towel rack on the wall over the tub. I know the strip of wood there looks funny now, but it will start to make more sense when I hang the board and batten. I'd originally planned on a wooden shelf with brackets and hooks underneath, but I found this towel rack on clearance.

Ta-dah. And no, none of our towels match each other or anything else. That's just how we roll around here.

14 September 2012

Trim, redux

Are you getting tired of window trim posts? I am! But, hey, I've checked something else off the list. Item #63 - Master Bedroom window trim - done! All the usual caveats apply (nail holes to be filled, edges to be caulked, etc etc). Seeing the trim up makes me realize that I need to hang the curtain rods higher. I think I'll wait until I get the crown moulding up before I fool with that, though.

Unfortunately that nice "playing together" scene only lasted about half a second after I took this picture. Clara does not like Evie being all up in her alphabet puzzle.

11 September 2012

Item #52

We built in a little niche on the half-wall that makes up one end of the tub alcove. Here it is when we were drywalling the room: 

We've been using it to hold cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and books - you know, the essentials - but other than another piece of drywall on the tub side, it was unchanged since that picture.  It was just rough framing, not a finished surface. I finally fixed it up today. The back and sides got beadboard, the top got a smooth-surface luaun plywood, and the bottom got a deep shelf. 

I've already lined it up with my stockpile of shampoo and body wash and have stashed the cleaning supplies elsewhere (most of the bottles are too tall with the shelf addition). I left a 3/4" gap behind the "ears" of the bottom shelf. 

When I do #59, board and batten, I'll be able to slip a board behind those ears instead of cutting around them. Clever, huh?

08 September 2012

More trimwork

I'm continuing to ignore the work on the hall bathroom and have been focusing instead on getting some smaller items knocked off the list. I managed to get both windows in the master bathroom trimmed out today. They still need the nail holes filled and to be painted, of course. Even so, I'm checking off #53. 

03 September 2012

Item #43 and #11

The closet organizer is still not finished, but I added the closet rods to the organizer and start using it. It feels nice to have a place to hang (a surprisingly large amount of) clothing. Our dresser drawers are feeling a little more roomy now. I still haven't cleaned up other than to move the ladder out of the way, so don't mind the mess.

I also spent an afternoon hanging crown moulding in there and checked it off the list. I still need to fill the nail holes, caulk, and paint. There's always more to do.

I also finished installing the baseboard cap in Clara's room. I should have done it months ago. It took all of two hours total to complete single-handedly, including moving furniture and tools. I usually work during Clara's nap, so working in there was not possible. Tom took care of her in our room for the first hour, then took her for a long walk for the second half while Evie napped. The baseboards also need nailholes to be filled, but I will take care of filling and caulking after I have finished the door trim. I like doing things like that all at once rather than spreading it out over multiple days.

Tom has tomorrow off, so I'll see what else I can finally check off the list!