14 September 2012

Trim, redux

Are you getting tired of window trim posts? I am! But, hey, I've checked something else off the list. Item #63 - Master Bedroom window trim - done! All the usual caveats apply (nail holes to be filled, edges to be caulked, etc etc). Seeing the trim up makes me realize that I need to hang the curtain rods higher. I think I'll wait until I get the crown moulding up before I fool with that, though.

Unfortunately that nice "playing together" scene only lasted about half a second after I took this picture. Clara does not like Evie being all up in her alphabet puzzle.


Christina Banker said...

I'ma hatin' it when people are all up in mah puzzles! Anyhoodle, love the windows. You did those with your own two hands. Unbelievable, but you do have the hands to prove it.

Sarah said...

I was seriously about to type "all up in her grille," but I exercised restraint.

Christina Banker said...

Grill with an "e" is so fancy!