26 February 2012


This weekend I took on the job of making and installing the window trim in the girls' room and the guest room. Because this style of trim is mostly straight cuts and butt joints (rather than miters), it has gone pretty quickly - an hour and a half per window. I still need to pick up the crown moulding to finish the tops. I have three windows at this state of completion with one left to go.

17 February 2012

Crown is king

The crown moulding in the girls' room is pretty much done! I finished it up about a week ago - including caulk and paint - but never got around to posting. If I hadn't been a dope and used clear caulk, I'd be entirely done with it. But I am a dope, so I have to touch up some areas with paint. I'll do that once the baseboards are ready to be painted. I also refinished a toddler bed that my aunt gave me. I couldn't wait to see what it would look like all put together, so I assembled it in the room.

My mom provided the blue bedding, which I love. Unfortunately it doesn't coordinate very well with the wall color I picked (we've already established that I'm a dope). It'll have to find a home in another room on a more permanent basis, but for now it'll do. Several other items peeking into the sides of this picture will be receiving their own makeovers shortly.

15 February 2012

Land o' plinth-y

The next step in the girls' room is to do the door and window casings. Our house might be considered a Victorian, but it's not really a pure style. The original mouldings and millwork are mostly gone, but we have just enough remaining to be able to approximate what was here before the gut job. The door and window casings are more of a simplified neoclassical design than Victorian - i.e. this:

rather than this:

Most of the components are available, but I had to make my own plinth blocks. Fortunately they are the simpler neoclassical style with no routed profile, so it only took a few cuts to make. I couldn't really find a good tutorial for the process (everything I found just said to use thicker lumber, which I don't have access to), so I had to figure it out myself. A few passes through the table saw, some gluing and clamping, a little wood filler, and a couple of nails yielded this:

Now that they're in place, I can work on the baseboards. Getting close to finishing this room!

Coincidence or kismet?

I spent an entire afternoon on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor in what will be the girls' bedroom. As I cleaned I realized that the color of the floor matches the wall color very closely. Coincidence or kismet?