15 February 2012

Land o' plinth-y

The next step in the girls' room is to do the door and window casings. Our house might be considered a Victorian, but it's not really a pure style. The original mouldings and millwork are mostly gone, but we have just enough remaining to be able to approximate what was here before the gut job. The door and window casings are more of a simplified neoclassical design than Victorian - i.e. this:

rather than this:

Most of the components are available, but I had to make my own plinth blocks. Fortunately they are the simpler neoclassical style with no routed profile, so it only took a few cuts to make. I couldn't really find a good tutorial for the process (everything I found just said to use thicker lumber, which I don't have access to), so I had to figure it out myself. A few passes through the table saw, some gluing and clamping, a little wood filler, and a couple of nails yielded this:

Now that they're in place, I can work on the baseboards. Getting close to finishing this room!


Reuben Collins said...

looks good! can't wait to see it when it's done!

Kathleen said...

I'm impressed with this project. It's going to look great.