23 September 2012

Item #51

Another day, another item checked off the list. I built the face frame for the tub apron ages ago but never got around to adding beadboard to it, mostly because transporting those big panels is always problematic (but also because I was trying to figure out how to eke out a little bit of storage with some kind of tilt-out). Then I realized that buying real beadboard was half the price, easier to transport, and better for a bathroom application than MDF anyway and the scant storage I would gain wasn't worth the trouble. I pin-nailed the boards to the back of the frame and nailed the whole assembly to the tub deck. I topped it with a 1x4 with a rounded front edge and drip edge underneath.

1 comment:

glenna said...

You are doing sooooome kinda job, girl. I am continually amazed at your talents, and proud, too.