21 February 2011

Cuz everybody loves a good before and after

I finally broke down and gave Clara her first haircut. It was supposed to be a little trim just to neaten things up, but squirmy babies make for bad haircuts. Before:



So now she looks like a boy. I keep reassuring her that this is only the first of many many bad childhood haircuts to come.


Rebecca said...

She looks terribly concerned about you. Very cute though. Did you leave the back long so she has a baby mullet?

Anonymous said...

RLC, I think it was her mother's 'reassurances' about a lifetime of bad haircuts that has her looking so concerned!

Sarah, she makes a precious little boy! You might need to accessorize with a BIG bow on her head or even a brain squeezer, just so everyone knows she's a girl! Ha!


house things said...

How cute she is! Doesn't look like a boy at all.