20 April 2010

Deal of the day, part 1

A trip to the local Goodwill the other day yielded my best thrifty find yet. For a mere $20, I scored an 8'x10' seagrass rug in near-perfect condition.

It's still a little bumpy from being rolled up, bent in half, and stuffed in the backseat of the car, but it'll smooth out soon. I'm not crazy about the red border, but it can be easily covered at a later time when "magazine-worthy" is the goal instead of "marginally habitable."

Mitered corners. Please excuse the grossness of the floor. Despite its appearance, it's actually relatively clean. Refinishing them is on the "eventually" portion of the to-do list.


house things said...

I kind of like the floors the way they are. There's a certain patina and charm to the look.

Sarah said...

I don't mind them too much for the most part. Since this area has been reframed, though, there are parts of the floor where old walls stood that don't have any finish on them at all, as well as parts of previously adjoining rooms where the finish is totally different. You can kind of see that in the first picture.

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I'm SOOOO jealous! It looks like it's in the same condition that my brand new ones were in when they arrived, but I bet you aren't dealing with the new rug smell!

Sarah said...

It had a slight smell (it smelled like the ocean, which isn't entirely unpleasant to me), but we either got used to it or it dissipated. We keep our windows open, so that probably helped a lot.