05 April 2010

A dishwasher and the attic

The dishwasher I mentioned got delivered today, but not without hassle. I was originally scheduled for a Monday morning delivery, but they called and said they wouldn't make it until about 12:30. No problem. The guy finally showed up around 1:30. As soon as the guy had pulled away, I realized that he'd delivered the wrong dishwasher. I called Lowe's and the delivery guy returned a little while later. Luckily the store had the right one in stock, so I finally got the right thing delivered today around 4 pm. He also gave me the necessary form for me to send in for my guv'ment rebate, which I promptly mailed.

Sometime during the dishwasher debacle, I had an appointment with the people who replaced our windows to see about doing the casements in the attic room. We wanted to wait to replace these, but the guys working up there accidentally cracked one of the window panes, and another one got blown out in a wind storm we had the other night. The window guy's trying to talk me out of doing replacement casements (because of how expensive they are), but I don't want to alter the look of the house too much. These tiny little windows (about 15"x30") are going to run about $400 each. Ouch. And apparently we'll have to pay for the replacement for the window downstairs that got broken, since their warranty doesn't cover vandalism (even though the copy of the warranty I have says that they cover glass broken for "any reason"). I'll be honest - I cried (after he left). The though of spending $1400 on 4 small windows and one that I thought was covered under warranty was apparently just too much for my hormonal pregnant self to deal with today.

On a slightly happier note, I don't think I ever updated with pictures of the attic room, which actually looks like a room these days.

Again, I probably shouldn't stand on a ladder to take pictures.

It's not quite done with the mudding process. A couple of outside corners still need corner beads and mud, but that shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes a day. The guy that has been doing this work owns a gutter company, so he's outside doing gutter jobs when the weather cooperates. Unfortunately for us, the weather here has been pretty nice for the past couple of weeks. Another few days of this, and I'm going to just do it myself.


glenna said...

It seems as though it's coming together. By the way--if your warrantee states "for whatever reason" that the glass is covered, then keep at it. Don't let them bully you into thinking it's not. Was it someone where you purchased the window, or was it the company that manufactured it? Ask to speak to the next higher supervisor, if you get no where with that ask to get the number of someone at the company you can speak with about the warantee. Come on, Sarah, you have more of me in you than that. Don't let the $400. go. It's sure enough real money. Love MOM
PS You can't get anywhere with it? Get me the info and I will get it for you. ;)

Sarah said...

The window company is a local company that manufactures their own product. I'll have to look at the warranty again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. The window was broken about a year ago, so it's been a while since I looked into it. I'm not sure what the company hierarchy is, but I get the impression that the guy we deal with is pretty high up, if not the owner himself.

glenna said...

It's easy to give an all inclusive warantee, especially if you don't have any intentions of honoring it. Surely there is someone else you can purchase these windows from---maybe not a perfect match to the one downstairs, but then who is going to go around and see that? You don't have to actually purchase from someone else, just do your homework and name the other people who you can order from. Then if he won't comply, get them elsewhere.

In this day and time, everyone is eager to make a sale, and either he honors his warantee, or you can take your business elsewhere. And then I would let him know, nicely that you intend to MAKE him honor his warantee, through the court system; additionally asking for court costs as well. That should bring him around.

What about replacing the glass? Is that possible? Or are these double "pain" thermal windows?