31 March 2010

Dishwasher deal

The government decided to offer rebates on Energy Star-rated appliances, to be administered by each individual state. The Ohio program started this week, and I plan on taking advantage of it. Here's the dishwasher we're getting:

Frigidaire FGHD2433 in white.

The MSRP is $549. That's not too bad for a nice dishwasher, but of course I won't be paying that. Lowe's has it for $404.10. Unfortunately, they're the cheapest place to get it. I say unfortunately because they have a 110% price match guarantee. If Sears beat them by only a penny, I'd be able to knock off another $40 of the price. Ah well. I'll get that 10% discount anyway, though, via a mover's coupon given to us by a friend. So we're down to $363.69.

But wait, there's more. Oh yeah, the government is giving us $100 back. $263.69. And even better, there's a manufacturer's rebate on the same product. $233.69 ($259 with tax) for a $549 appliance.

Ohio does require proof of recycling of an old appliance before they'll sign off on the rebate. Fortunately we have a friend with an old dishwasher just sitting in his garage that he wants to get rid of. And even more fortunately, Lowe's has free delivery and does the haul away and recycling confirmation for you. Now I just need to find a junker refrigerator so I can take advantage of the refrigerator rebate, too...


Anonymous said...

Nicely done!


Sarah said...

I thought you'd be proud :)

glenna said...

Great deals can be found, but it does take some research. You are certainly making it work. I knew there had to be an upside to O's redistribution of wealth. Glad someone I know can take advantage of it. ;}