15 March 2010

Taking the plunge

I finally did it. I took the plunge, picked a paint color, and went at it (ignoring Donny's advice of waiting for the crown moulding to be installed. I still think that's a stupid idea). Here it is, Dutch Boy's Storm Clouds:

Without flash.

With flash.

Getting an accurate idea of the color is almost impossible with my camera. It's kind of a chameleon color even in person - it changes quite a bit according to the light in the room. It was a gray-green while we were painting, but it shifted to blue-gray yesterday in different light. Months of second-guessing and worrying were all for naught (it was one of the first paint chips I picked out); Tom and I both like it a lot. In fact, we'll probably end up using the same paint in the bathroom, as well. There were a few spots in the bedroom we had to touch up with primer, so we still have a couple of walls to paint (our room has 15 wall surfaces...oy). And for those who are extra observant, you'll notice we have a new ceiling fixture:

Waterton II fan from Hampton Bay.

So far, so good! It was easy to install (with the exception of finding the right screws for the electrical box - my fault, not the fan's) and it runs quietly. Tom's only requirement was that it didn't have exposed bulbs glaring down when you look up. My only requirement was that it wasn't entirely hideous. I guess it qualifies. What do you think?


glenna said...

Dear Sarah,
Just catching up on mail since getting back from Houston. It looks like it is finally coming together. I am riding with both of you on thinking this crown molding guy is a complete imbecile. And to combat those who would try to smoke inside your home, place a sign on all doors leading inside that says, "All are welcome, just keep your buts outside." Should he not get it, carefully explain that you have "smoke induced asthma" and cannot have your new environment holding onto the odors of the smoke. Nor should the baby be in that environment either. You should be able to get his attention with that. Love MOM

Sarah said...

He doesn't smoke while he knows I'm there. I've suspected it for a while, but actually caught him in the act (he doesn't know that I saw him, though) the other day. He doesn't smoke inside while the other guy is there, only when he thinks he's by himself. I guess he thinks he's getting away with something, but I can smell cigarette smoke from a mile away. He's not fooling anybody.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love the color! My walls are a grey-green-blue as well so I know what you are talking about... it sort of works as a neutral.

Also, I like the ceiling fan! Most fans seem very "blah" to me, but this one really has a certain style to it.