22 March 2010

And it was all yellow

Just like that Coldplay song. Those are pretty much the only words in that song I know, because 1) he says them a lot; 2) Chris Martin doesn't always enunciate clearly; and 3) I'm pretty sure the words in that song don't make a whole lot of sense anyway. Anyway, "yellow" is the only way to describe the color we ended up with in the closet. I'm banking on the white from the washing machine and dryer and all of our closet shelving and clothes to help tone down the color a little bit. If not, oh well. It's only a closet. Here she is:

I painted on Saturday and installed the washer and dryer yesterday. The closet checklist is complete! That's not to say that the closet is complete - just the things that need to get done before move-in. We obviously still need baseboards, crown moulding, shelving systems for the laundry and closet, and a door.

In other news, I cut, routed, and primed the window stools (interior window sills) for the three bedroom windows.

They look a little goofy with the long tabs sticking out on the sides, but the old-fashioned window trim we have planned will fill it out and make it look better. Anyway, lots on the agenda for today, so it's off to work for me.

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