07 March 2010

A color query.

The guys finished wiring the recessed lights upstairs, including two 3-way switches (one each at the top and bottom of the eventual spiral staircase) and finished the insulation to boot.

I probably shouldn't be taking pictures while standing on a ladder.

I think that the mudding in the bathroom is done, as well, based on the fact that they seem to have mopped all the dust off the floor. I guess now I need to buckle down and pick paint colors so we can get this show on the road.

Speaking of paint colors, I'm having a hard time deciding on what to do with the trim. Our windows are an almond color. It works well with the outside of the house, but because the windows are vinyl (and can't be painted) it's making our interior trim decision difficult. Would it look goofy to keep the trim a standard white? Here's an existing example:

With flash.

Without flash.

I could (1) match the window color for the entire casement. It seems like it might be dark for trim in the white family (I have seen dark-painted mouldings - blue and black in particular - and like them a lot), so it might make the whole casement seem a little dingy and dirty. Plus this might cause a conflict with the wainscot I plan to install in the bathroom. I wouldn't want this almond shade all around the bathroom walls, especially next to our beige-y tile. (2) Use white anyway. It might make the window itself look dingy and dirty, but the casement will appear clean. (3) Pick a medium tone between white and almond. (4) Paint the jamb a matching almond color and paint the casement another shade - white or the aforementioned medium shade. Please help!

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Anonymous said...

I always think trim should be white. I don't think it would be weird, but I'm not completely able to visualize the problem, even with the pictures.