01 March 2010


I guess I never explained why we decided to have the guys work on the attic area instead of another more "important" space. We did this mainly so we'd have a good portion of the attic insulated. We had to keep the heat on upstairs at about 65 degrees when they were doing drywall mudding, and it ain't cheap to heat a nearly entirely-uninsulated house. Our electric bill for that month just came in the mail the other day, and I nearly wet myself. $378.78 is WAY too much to be dishing out every month. And that's not even including the gas bill, which hasn't come yet. Moving the thermostat to the bedroom and insulating upstairs has made a huge difference already, though. Now I'm comfortable when it's set to 55, and I'm always cold. If I wear something longsleeved, I can set it to 50 and be alright. So, hopefully next month's bill will be a little less extreme and will continue to decline as we get the old house tightened up.

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