11 March 2010

Thanks for the memories, Mom and Dad

I finished up the priming in the bedroom and closet areas. The smell of Kilz primer (don't worry, it's low VOC) brings back childhood memories of painting at Aunt Addie's house. [I guess I was the only 8 year old who spent summers and weekends helping my parents fix up an old house? Anyone? Looks like my baby's childhood will be much of the same. Oh, the irony.] It took a lot of coats to get to the point where you couldn't see the mud lines (almost 2 full 5-gallon buckets worth), but I think we're finally there. Now that that's done, today I'll be painting the ceiling with flat white paint. Hopefully I'll get that done in time to install the ceiling fan in the bedroom and attach the closet light a little better. I know ceiling fans aren't considered fashionable in the design community, but you know what? I don't care. We keep ours going year-round. It's cheaper to run than the air conditioning in the summer, and it circulates the warm air trapped at the ceiling in the winter. It's all about energy efficiency, folks.

One of the guys insists that it's easier to install the crown moulding before you paint the walls, but this seems really backward to me. It seems to me that if you paint the walls first, you don't have to worry much about cutting in around the ceiling since it will be covered by the trim. But if you install the trim first, you have to make sure that the wall color doesn't touch the trim, and that the trim color doesn't get on the wall. Also, if you paint the moulding before it goes on the wall, you only have to do minor touch-ups around the nail holes once its on the wall. Am I missing something, or does this guy just want the extra work of (and $ for) installing crown?

And also, how do I tell him that I do NOT want him smoking inside my house without sounding like a hormonal B?

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Anonymous said...

The crown moulding guy sounds like an idiot. You're right to do the wall painting first.
Not sure you can do anything about the smoking but just directly saying, "please smoke outside only". I can't believe someone would have the nerve to smoke in your house!!