30 April 2010

For the first time ever...

I'm writing a blog post from the house! We had Time-Warner come out and hook up our internet. It was a lot easier than anticipated because there was already a "drop" from the main pole to the house. The cable runs into the basement, so that's where we have the modem hooked up for now. We'll have to see if the wireless signal will reach from the basement to the second floor. If not, I imagine that will light a fire under us to get the cable run to the bedroom!

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glenna said...

Alrighty then.....progressing like Aunt Tooty's herd of turtles. Stand back, those turtles can take on real speed when you're not looking!

Still looking for freezer meals that appeal to me, so far nothing seems to interest me that doesn't include chicken. Looking for ground meats, etc.