02 May 2010


We moved lots of our stuff from the apartment yesterday and spent our first night in the house last night. Before we headed out for a celebratory dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I spotted this outside the window and considered it a good omen:

The rest of my celebrating involved falling asleep while watching a movie. It's the same thing I would have done had we been at the apartment, but at least at the house I was already in bed when I fell asleep.

Unfortunately, we awoke this morning and discovered of a roof leak. If you stand in the hallway, you can see daylight (and water splashing in) where the chimney meets the roofline. So it seems to be a simple flashing problem around the chimney stack and not an issue with the roof itself (which was replaced in 2004). We have plastic sheeting hung up in the hallway to channel the water down into a bucket, and that seems to be working for the moment.


glenna said...

Oh, the joys of home ownership! I'm surprised that you have not had any difficulty with water before this time.

Thomas and crew came over this afternoon for dinner, and brought with him his bucket of spackle. He redid the ceiling in the bathroom at 422, first coat. I sprayed the ceiling and scraped off the popcorn earlier this week in preparation. Still had a small amount that needed to be scraped. Another coat is needed and he will do that on Friday. I will finish sanding the front of the vanity--I did all the drawers and doors to it on Friday at CACA's. tomorrow so that I can stain and varnish it. Tuesday I have an all day project that I am being paid $75.00 for and can't take any more than one day to complete. So much to do yet before I head your direction. Gotta Go, Love MOM

Anonymous said...

The good thing about living in the house is that you'll be able to catch these little problems before they spiral out of control and become a much bigger deal. Glad things are moving right along!


Sarah said...

Agreed. Tom pointed out that if we hadn't moved in just before that big storm, we would have had a whole lot worse damage to have to deal with. We already had a bunch of water on the floor as it was, but we had caught an entire 5-gallon bucket's worth of drips by the time the storm passed!

house things said...

How exciting to be in the house at last. Beautiful photos, by the way.

I don't know much about roofing, but flashing I understand. It sounds like an easily fixable problem. Good thing you were there to manage it before any damage was done.

Sarah said...

We're just hoping that the water didn't manage to find its way under the shingles and onto the roof sheathing. I obviously am in no condition to get up on the roof to check it out myself, so we'll have somebody come to look at it, hopefully before the next big storm. Since we've never noticed the problem before, it seems to only occur when there's enough wind to blow the rain into the gap.