17 May 2010

Now we're cooking (but not with gas)

We finally bought a range and had it delivered yesterday. Hopefully I'll get the wire run for it sometime this week. Doing any real cooking might still pose a problem, though, as we don't have the kitchen sink hooked up to wash any dirty dishes we'd produce. I could do a temporary sink installation fairly easily, but I'm afraid that doing something temporary will cause many more headaches with plumbing when we start the kitchen project in earnest. Here's the range we bought:

Frigidaire Gallery LGEF3033KW

I definitely prefer the look of slide-in ranges to freestanding ones, but I couldn't justify the huge jump in cost. Instead, I decided on better cooking features over aesthetic ones - convection oven and 5-burner configuration specifically. This model is only available at Lowe's. The best we can tell, Frigidaire is phasing out the "LGEF"-prefixed models, but it appears to have the exact specifications of the FGEF3034KW from their updated line. They seem to be exactly the same, except the price, of course. The new one costs several hundred dollars more than this one. Including tax, we paid $673.14 for it. I may be able to get an additional refund on it, as well, if my 39-week pregnancy belly can work its sympathy magic. We were told we'd be getting an in-the-box, standard stock item, but we ended up with the floor model. That's got to be worth at least 10%, right? With the amount of money we've spent on appliances so far creeping up toward $2500, I'll take any help I can get.

Update: I got an extra 10% off the cost of the range, bringing it to $605.83 including tax. See? It doesn't hurt to ask!

Update: How's the range doing after a year and a half of daily use? Check out my appliance review to find out!

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Anonymous said...

just bought this range at Lowe's and was told it is not being phased out...It was on sale and anted to be sure there was not a bigger savings to be had later. It's being delivered next week as an early Christmas present for our son and his wife. We live in the DFW TX area...I went to a local Lowe's and actually ordered the unit over the phone at Lowe's in my son's town--about 70 mi away...There were none in stock in immediate area so just have to wait for truck to bring one one...
Hoping it will be a good model...they would have preferred gas but house they bought had electric range...adding a gas line is cost prohibitive at this time....