04 August 2011

Celebratory stomachache

A few months ago we got an estimate from a local contractor to see what it would cost to get our other bathroom and two bedrooms finished. The estimate was a little steep (especially considering it did not include materials), but the guy is willing to work with us to keep our cost down. He and his crew will be finishing the framing for us, leaving us to do as much as we are willing to do ourselves after that. If we need help later on, he'll come back. This will allow us to do the electrical and plumbing and insulation ourselves, greatly reducing our overall cost. Anyway, he dropped off a material list this morning, and I put in the order this afternoon. Knowing that we're actually going to get something substantial completed almost took away the stomach pains I get when I spend four figures at Lowe's. Almost.

NB: To be fair, not all of the purchases were for those rooms. Because I can't haul much in our car, I included several other items I've been putting off, mostly crown moulding and baseboards. And moulding ain't cheap.