27 July 2011

Home improvement

I know I don't post much about family life since this is supposed to be a home improvement blog. But since our projects seem to be few and far between these days, I thought I'd give a little update on the tiny little package that arrived June 2, 2010. Besides, what improves a home more than a baby?

Our little baby isn't so little anymore. She's still undersized for her age, but I can't believe how big she is! I think her body is too busy growing hair and teeth (she has 8 already and 8 more are coming in - talk about teething woes) to bother much with anything else. She's a sweet girl, no doubt, but not very cuddly. She wants to be on the floor and exploring, not held and snuggled. She's very busy and doesn't always want to slow down for a nap. Sometimes I just have to contain her and hope for the best:

The biggest thing as of late is that she is walking! Her steps are still unsure and unsteady, but she's quick to break out into a huge grin and indulge in self-congratulating clapping when we say, "Good job!" She still prefers crawling when she wants to get somewhere quickly. She has been able to climb for several months, and her walking skills are only enhancing this ability. She has figured out how to turn on her belly at the edge of the bed so she goes feet-first off the side instead of head-first. The problem with this is keeping the bed made - she pulls the sheets and comforter down with her when she goes!

She's slowly adding words to her vocabulary. She can say a handful of words (mama, dada, Bobby, ball, baby, eyes, hi, bye, boo) but knows the meaning of plenty more. If you ask her if something is a hat, she'll put it on her head. She knows that a duck says, "kak kak." She'll retrieve a ball when asked and she can identify a few body parts. Her tummy is her favorite and she likes to smack it any time she is naked.

She still likes playing with non-toys, but she is taking more and more interest in baby-oriented items. Her absolute favorite toy is a teddy bear she calls "Bobby." We wandered into an estate sale one afternoon, and the ladies running it were so smitten with her that they insisted we take the bear. She and her Bobby Bear are practically inseparable. She likes to look through books instead of just throwing them on the floor. She'll even stay still long enough for me to get through about half a book in a sitting. No more of this when I leave her alone with Tom for 5 minutes:

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