26 July 2011

Little things done slowly

I've been experiencing some pretty severe pregnancy-related pelvic pains, so I've been even slower than usual in getting things done around here. I did manage to spray insulating foam in the two bedrooms that are next on the construction list as well as caulk some leaky windows. One in particular has been problematic during heavy storms, but I think the issue has been fixed. I guess we'll find out the next time it storms. The metal hose on our tub hand-sprayer split (Tom says that Clara was pulling on it to stand during bathtime), and I was able to find and install a replacement for that. Next thing is to sand and spray paint the AC cages with Rustoleum. Yep, they're rusty already. Don't even get me started on my frustration with that company and their product.

1 comment:

Christina Banker said...

Fortunately for you, I know where you can get some good advice preventing rust. Don't push yourself and risk hurting yourself! Big sister has spoken!