05 July 2011

Working holiday

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe holiday weekend. Here's what's been going on around here for the past week. Note: I started this post on Sunday, so the holiday greeting made more sense then.

Installation of AC cage.

We had a heck of a time with this project. We just had one problem after another with it. But now one is done (one to go), and it hopefully will do its intended job. With all the trouble we had with it, we weren't terribly surprised to see that the company no longer offers this product on their website.

Finished the brick edging with our concrete "keystone."

The concrete mix was too dry and had too many pebbles on the surface to get a handprint :(

Planted some annuals for the front steps.

I bought some plastic bowls at WalMart some time ago and spray painted them with a hammered copper spray paint. I just now got around to putting lobelia and petunias from the clearance aisle into them. I just bought some purple petunias (another clearance aisle find) to fill in a little more.

Including the petunias I haven't added yet, I spent less than $5 per planter.

Began fence preparation.

Since Lowe's can't (won't?) cut lumber any thicker than a 2x, I had to go to our local builder's surplus supply store for fence posts. I stacked them Lincoln-log style to encourage air circulation and prevent warping (pressure-treated lumber is notorious for warping if not dried properly).

This picture was taken later, but this is the way to stack them for minimal damage.

After they dried for a few days, we drilled a 3/4" hole about 12" deep into the bottom center of each post. I then dipped the ends in wood preservative.

Metal rods will get glued into these holes. The metal rods will be set in concrete rather than the entire fencepost.

It probably wasn't strictly a necessary step, but it will help prevent water from being wicked into the wood.

I also bought 100 2x2 deck-railing balusters and stacked them to dry.

I loved Lincoln logs when I was a kid. Oh, who am I kidding? I still love 'em.

The plan is to paint all the components individually before assembly, sealing all sides of the wood to eliminate moisture penetration. The pickets need to dry for a while longer before they'll be ready to paint, but I have a lot of cutting to do before then anyway.

Ate too many pork chops, mashed potatoes, and blueberry pie. What could be more American?

Mulched the raised bed. Mowed the lawn. Other miscellaneous yardwork. Finally.


Christina Banker said...

Love your copper pot. Looks just like the real thing. I have been trying to score some roadside recoveries lately, but I have had no luck in the last month. Oh well, I probably have several other projects to focus on before taking on any more.

Sarah said...

I hoped it looked real enough to fake from a distance, but fake enough that nobody will try to steal my flowers in the middle of the night for scrap metal! So far so good!

Christina Banker said...

I didn't think about that idiot stealing all your copper. I am tickled at the thought he might try to steal your faux metal pots to sell for scrap.

Sarah said...

Sure, YOU think it's funny. I'm just waiting to go outside one morning to find my petunias scattered all over the steps and sidewalk. I would NOT be happy!