15 August 2011

A before and after...

Over the weekend, while our construction crew was working hard (pictures of that progress to come), we headed over to a farm just north of Cincinnati for something called a Mudathlon. Their tagline is "Mud. Obstacles. Beer." It involves running, an obstacle course, a couple of mud pits, and a complementary (after your $70 entry fee, of course) beer. A group from Tom's work decided to run in it. Here they are before the race:

And here they are afterward:

Tom was the only one in the group that actually finished all of the obstacles (even though it turns out nobody was penalized for skipping), and he has the blisters to prove it. Their team finished 13th out of 203 - not bad for a bunch of computer nerds! And just to show you how much mud was involved, here's a picture of Tom doing his Terminator walk through one of the mud pits:

My only regret is not getting a picture of Clara chasing the chicken around before the race.

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Christina Banker said...

If you jumped in so you could get a free mud mask spa treatment, you should totally post that on Frugal Friday!