27 August 2011

Fixed up

The framing situation I referred to has been fixed, and I think the solution is as close to ideal as we can get. We get to keep the hallway closet and still have enough room for the linen cabinet in the bathroom. We lost a little room in the bedroom closet, but it was a bit oversized to begin with. Now we'll be able to use our existing doors rather than buying new doors that probably won't match. It wasn't a difficult fix when all was said and done, and I remain on good terms with our contractor. He's completely understanding of those sorts of changes in remodel situations. He says that so many minor adjustments get made because of existing conditions that it's inevitable to have a change like that last-minute.

The framing for the back bedroom is complete, so Tom and I got a great start on running the electrical. Tom is still out there and should be finished in the next hour or so. We'll be hanging insulation tomorrow.

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glenna said...

Wow, does that mean I will have a place to sleep when I come this time? I don't need sheet rock so much but then I wouldn't get air conditioning, would I?....Hope the sheet rock gets hung soon then, too. Glad that the glitch has been worked out to your satisfaction.....cause "if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

Love to see some pictures. MOM