06 August 2011

Progress report, part 1

I have been meaning to update the progress on the other two bedrooms since the weekend. I don't have any true "before" shots, but here's what it looks like now:

I know it doesn't look like much, but the crew really did a lot of work. First they demoed all the existing framing. I based my plan on the walls that the previous owner had built, but they weren't really built very well. They used a lot of twisted studs which would have made hanging drywall very difficult. They also didn't put headers over the windows. Structurally that isn't a problem (since the bricks are the load-bearing structure, not the studs), but Harry pointed out that it is helpful to have headers for hanging curtains. Anchoring into a stud is much safer than anchoring into drywall. Anyway, they spent Friday doing demo and cleanup, including moving stuff around downstairs to make room for our lumber delivery.

On Saturday, they unloaded and sorted the delivery from Lowe's, which miraculously arrived first thing in the morning, right on schedule. They then turned their attention to the ceiling. The joists are solid enough, but they're not terribly even. Since the ceiling was originally plaster and lath, the unevenness didn't matter much, but solid wallboard like drywall is difficult to install on such a substrate.

They're about 1/3 of the way done with the ceiling work. Having done this before, we know what a process it is to measure, mark, and cut each piece of lumber individually. Once they finish the ceiling (probably this Friday), they'll reframe the exterior walls and we can get a start on running the electrical.

While the crew was at lunch and the hammering and banging had ceased, I put Clara down for a nap and did a little bit of work myself. I sprayed a bunch of foam insulation around the windows, so at least you can't see daylight around them anymore.

I still need to caulk around the outside for water protection, but the spray foam is a good first step toward a draft-free room. I might be kicking myself or laughing at myself later on, but the goal is to have at least one of the bedrooms substantially complete (maybe not fully designed and accessorized, but hopefully we'll have at least electricity and drywall) by the time I have baby #2. That gives me about 7 weeks. It's simultaneously a lot of time but also a flash in the pan, so we'll see how much we can accomplish!

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