27 April 2009


We finally got around to hooking up the circuits for the bedroom lights to the circuit breaker in the basement. We also hooked up the dimmer switches in the room, so we now have fully functioning overhead lights! We really should have done this ages ago, but neither Tom and I weren't comfortable fooling with the breaker box without a thorough tutorial from Paul. (Note: in the following pictures, the lights are all dimmed somewhat. It's not nearly as dark as the pictures make it seem).

Niche in the bedroom.

Bedroom recessed lights.

Hallway leading to closet and bathroom.

Having lights means we'll be able to work past dusk. Back to those all-nighters I remember from college. Ha!

Other progress from the past week:

We started trying ot lay down a sheet of OSB to cover the hole in front of the back door, but we discovered a slight hump in one area that we need to plane down before we can do that. And before we can plane it down, we need to remove a few nailheads from where we need to plane. And before we can do that, we want to reinforce the joists with metal joist hangers. Years of settlement and use have caused the joists to separate slightly from the cross-piece. There's another cross-pieces under it that would support it if the nails failed, so it's not a huge issue. We just want to make extra sure, so we'll add L-shaped brackets for additional strength.

Nails pulling away in floor joists = not so good.

Also, Paul finished the plumbing supply lines for the bathroom sinks. We'll hopefully get the shower and tub supply lines done next time, but we want to have the tub and showerheads in-hand for reference as we do it.

We also compiled a roughly 40-item list of things we need to get at Lowes. Most of the items are CPVC fittings that average less than $2 each. But we've also got some high-ticket items, like the tub and drywall. I hope all those little items gain me a little haggling leverage on the tub. If only Mom lived closer. She'd get me that tub for half price or better! Ha!

In the next week:

1. Run wiring for lights in closet and bathroom.
2. Run wiring for GFCI outlets in bathroom, regular outlets in closet.


Glenna said...

Hey Guys,
Where's the love? I haven't seen any news on the blog lately. Hope you are making some sort of progress and that you won't have to continually rent two places.

Gotta get the water running--really--who needs that? I grew up in a house with no running water until I was 14. No wonder I was so good at camping. You can always make due with less. What ever happened with the window damage? Did the insurance take care of it? Both you and Catherine suffered the same malady, only just before she moved into the house someone (they are presuming) from the Math and Science School became bored and shot out several windows, door glass, etc. No deed goes unpunished. Though yours bothers me a bit, since you said you found a purse on your ppty. Sounds like there might be a little problem with crime, also. Down here air conditioners were being destroyed left and right just to retrieve the copper from them, when copper prices were high. And what resulted was 25-100 dollars in copper and thousands of dollars in damaged equipment. They mostly hit businesses and schools so they could work after hours without interruption. Just be careful.

Glenna said...

Con't (with interruption from Google)
Seems as though if you had one bedroom, one bathroom and a place to plug your refrigerator and hotplate, you could be in business. How long could all that take?

I might be able to lend a hand sometime this summer if your dad has his summer routine again. We are scheduled to be in Houston the 12th-17th of July for a Cathodic Protection Course to keep your dad's NACE Certification current. We are hoping it will co-inside with Amelia coming home from the hospital. (Although they gave C&T a 10 June target date.) I pray hard that all comes about as planned. I am planning on purchasing a metal detector for myself after your wedding and spending the rest of the summer walking and digging. Maybe I can shed the 40 lbs I have put on since last summer. Just need to keep busy, stop cooking and stop eating. Nooooooooo problem, right? Anyway, maybe I can take a trip to Portsmith and scope the place out with my new toy, and also help you get some more hands to the project. Gotta go--after 6 and I'm not dressed and I drive the boy to school at 6:30. Love MOM