09 April 2009

Love affair.

My first issue of Traditional Home magazine came in the mail yesterday, compliments of the Coca-Cola company and my soon-to-be father-in-law. And I have to say, I am in love with the photo featured on the cover!


I love the color on the chairs in the foreground because it can be interpreted as blue, green, or gray depending on accessories and lighting. I love the golden yellow on the couch and the drapes. I love the creamy off-white chosen over a stark white. I love the dark wood tones in the dining area keep the composition grounded and prevent it from being too light. I love that the curves of the wingback chairs and the plush pillows offset and soften the linear form of the couch. I love the restrained use of pattern and reliance more upon the specific pieces of furniture for texture and interest. I love that it's formal and elegant without being overly stuffy. I love the substantial mouldings that give the room character even when all else is stripped away. I love that it's neutral without losing its identity.

Seriously. When can I move in?

Now, if I can only convince Tom that an aspiring architect's best portfolio is her own home, I'll be one step closer to making our house look like it came out of a magazine. I just hope he's not jealous of my love affair with this room.

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