06 April 2009


How do you like the new basement skylight?:

Hope nobody comes in the back door.

Just kidding, of course. In order to repair a hole in the floor of the master bedroom where a radiator pipe used to come through,

This picture was taken after we removed the surrounding planks, staggering the joints.

we had to take up some hardwood elsewhere. Fortunately, the original builders of the house used the same material for the first floor's subfloor and the finished floor upstairs. That area will be tiled, so we'll put down plywood sheathing and backer-board and use the salvaged planks to repair the floors upstairs. It was just so satisfying to rip that stuff out that we couldn't just stop at a couple of short planks. Here's a rough-fit of the patched hole (I didn't have the appropriate type of nails to go ahead and nail it in. I guess I could reuse some of the ones we pulled out of the boards downstairs).

The boards have the remnants of linoleum tile backing. It should come off easily when we sand down the floors.

Just a few nails and a piece of blocking underneath, and we can mark another thing off our checklist.

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