09 May 2009

More of the same

Tom and I finally made our scary, expensive purchases at Lowe's. Sixteen hundred dollars worth of scary. This includes our Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub, enough drywall (hopefully) for the master suite, and greenboard and backer board for the bathroom. We ask for Lowe's to deliver to the back porch. It lacks stairs, so the truck can back right up to the edge of the porch. And since we currently have a giant hole in front of the door, we figured we should try to patch that before our order is due for delivery. We did most of that today and will finish that tomorrow.

Also on our plate for tomorrow:

- Run wiring for bathroom and closet lights
- Run wiring for bathroom outlets
- Rearrange items downstairs to make room for drywall
- Move miter saw setup upstairs to facilitate moving the tub.

1 comment:

Glenna said...

Keep up the pace, if you can, and progress will surely come. Can't wait till you need curtains. Christina can help you pick them out and I can sew them. Plain or fancy, whatever your pleasure. Love MOM