16 May 2009

Delivery (or is it deliverance?)

We got in our big delivery on Thursday as scheduled. Tom recruited help from the strapping young lads at the office to help us haul it all inside, since Lowe's only does curbside/porch delivery. It's certainly an impressive stack of materials.

70 sheets of drywall, 4 sheets of greenboard, 1 whirlpool tub, 5 sheets of backerboard. Insulation is upstairs.

Of course, I'm most excited about the tub. It's a 42"x60" behemoth. I decided at the last second on a drop-in tub rather than the skirted version. This may present some issues later with the tiling, but I'm hoping they're easily overcome.

"Dude, the girl in this bathtub is HOT."

* * * * *

Tom and I are headed to Lowe's today to pick up our bathroom fixtures. We got a 10% off coupon with our Lowe's card bill that is only good until tomorrow. The fixtures we chose are already on clearance, so the 10% will make them even more affordable. They're also apparently really popular on eBay, and the bids always go higher than the clearance price at Lowe's. Once we get those, we'll be able to finish running the supply lines for the shower and tub, since we'll know exactly where they need to go instead of just guessing at it.

I guess I should show the (partially) fixed basement skylight.

Several sheets of OSB are just laying there on top of the joists so we'd have a place to walk while unloading our delivery. We have 3 1/2 sheets in place permanently (along the back wall). We have to rip out some more floor before we can put down any more permanently. I think we'll hold on that now that we have our insulation and drywall to keep us busy after the honeymoon.

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Glenna said...

Hasn't been any work on this lately? Or has it just not been put on the blog? Keep me up to date, MOM