15 June 2009

Progress, but no pictures.

Tom and I had a busy work weekend at the house, and I feel like we got a lot accomplished. We:

- Hauled our Jacuzzi bathtub upstairs (negotiating the turn in the stairs was a trick).
- Hung the recessed light for the shower.
- Figured out exact heights for hanging vanity lights and hung electrical boxes.
- Ran the electric for bathroom lights and outlets.
- Built half the frame for the bathtub.
- Cleaned the crystal chandelier.
- Finished insulation in bedroom ceiling and bathroom.
-Made cutout for tub's drain/overflow assembly.

Our workday yesterday was cut short by the local university's emergency broadcast system, which informed us that a tornado had been spotted an hour west of town and was headed in our general direction. Francesca drove by the house honking the car horn, informing us that our work day was over.

On the plate for this week (before the weekend):
- Run wire for Jacuzzi.
- Connect newly run circuits to main breaker.
- Finish tub frame.
- Clean out and vacuum bedroom, closet, and bathroom.

And next weekend:
- Finish bathroom plumbing.
- Cap off other supply lines in the house so we can have the water turned on.

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