21 June 2009


We didn't get as much accomplished this weekend as we originally planned because of a little wiring mishap. While I was finishing up the tub framing, the outlet suddenly died. I thought it was just a tripped breaker (since I was running the compressor for the framing nailer and the radio and the power tool battery charger all on the same outlet). But apparently while Tom was working on running the new circuits down to the basement, he hit a cable with the angle drill, nicking the wire and shorting the circuit. Since I couldn't finish the framing upstairs, and couldn't really do anything to help with the electric (and also to keep me from wanting to strangle my dear husband), I mowed the lawn instead. By the time I was finished, Tom had repaired it temporarily. He simply cut out the bad section and connected the wires with wire nuts, which is definitely not to code. We'll have to re-run that section of wire, but the temporary fix will suffice for a while.

We ran into another problem with the tub wall that day, too. It had to do with the 2x4 supports under the lip of the tub being out of level, but we fixed that problem today. By the end of the day yesterday, I was too grumpy to want to fool with it anymore. (To be fair, I bumped my head on the wall - hard - and had a horrible throbbing in my head any time I leaned over.) We planned on plumbing the tub today, too, but were unable to complete that. The pipe for the overflow assembly was about 3 inches too short for our installation. I thought that overflows were a pretty standard thing, but I guess whirlpools are different.

This weekend wasn't a total loss, though. We did manage to run the electric for all the new circuits and connect them to the main breaker, and the tub frame is done with the tub in place. I have a few more odds and ends to pick up at Lowe's, then we should really have all that done next weekend. And the biggest news of the day: the bedroom is pretty much ready for drywall. I have a bit of cleaning up to do, but we'll almost certainly be ready for wallboard next weekend.

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