04 May 2013

Garden updates

Last week I decided that I needed some flowers for a cutting garden. I love my peonies, but they're a one-and-done flower. So I bought some dahlias without having a place to put them. We had a little flower bed against our side porch, but it was too small for the 9 tubers I bought. I expanded it and planted all the dahlias there. It isn't the perfect spot since it gets shade in the late afternoon, but it'll have to do.

Small flower bed before

expanded flower bed

purple and yellow iris in bloomThe iris have opened up as well. It's hard to believe that all of those flowers (plus many more that I gave away) came from a single overgrown clump. There are still buds galore on the stalks, so it will probably have flowers for another two weeks. Hopefully the peonies will start to open by then.

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glenna said...

Love the spring in the North. We don't grow Peonies (my favorite), Iris' or Jonquils very well here. They absolutely NEED cold hours to multiply and be beautiful, something we have little of. Starting when it is still snowing, the Crocus pop up, followed by all the bulb type flowers. Tulips, Sedums, hyacinths, (especially grape hyacinths) are all missing from the southern landscape. Enjoy.....with so many cultivars, they do have a much extended calendar compared to when I was young.