18 May 2013

#46 and #102 and #16

Now that the pantry is functional, I'm forcing myself to refocus on The List. I finished #46, hanging the master closet door; #102, hanging the guest bedroom door; and #16, hanging the door to the back stairwell in the guest bedroom. I had doors but no jambs, which is why it has taken so long to get to these items. But having made my own jamb for the pantry, I realized it really isn't that hard or time-consuming to make. Not only did I get three things crossed off The List (and a start on the door trim), but now I have three less doors downstairs in the living room/carpentry shop. Just in time to make room for a whole lotta windows.

Doors with DIY jambs

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glenna said...

Those few projects are making things come together nicely. I am presuming that the one with glass it the door to the stairwell...? Keep up the good work....Hate it that you are not feeling well...Bring some of those Peony Blooms in when you have an abundance of them...They will make you feel better each time you look at them.