04 February 2013

What a difference some paint can make

Here's what I've done since I last checked in.

1. Nail-set, caulked, and painted closet crown moulding. It was pre-primed moulding, but it was looking dingy from sitting around before getting hung. It definitely looks crisper and neater with a coat of paint. Crown moulding in there is officially DONE. 

2. Caulked, wood-filled, sanded, primed, and painted the bathroom windows. I did this for the two master bathroom windows as well as the one window in the hall bath. Both rooms looked instantly brighter. I can't imagine how dark it would have looked if I'd stained instead of painted. You can still see wood grain underneath the wood in some places, but I'm OK with that. If I wanted a totally smooth look, I could have used plywood or MDF. It's wood trim. You can tell it's wood. So what?

Alas, it is not much and nothing further got checked off the master to-do list, but it still feels like progress.

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