23 February 2013

Item #9

Today I finished installing the door trim in Clara's room. The main holdup was the closet light switch. It was a little too close to the door, so the trim overlapped the switch cover a bit. I bought a wooden switch plate so I could cut off the overlap. Once that was installed, I nailed up the rest of the moulding. Nothing to it.

PS: Clara loves reading in this little rocking chair. It belonged to my mother's mother when she was a child. Clara looks a bit like Grandma, so I guess it's appropriate!


Reuben Collins said...

The trim looks great. Keep it up.

glenna said...

Would it have been too hard to move the switch box over? I don't think it looks bad, just a question.

Their Great Great Grandma Mae would have been a little shocked that that rocking chair would have made it to Clara and Evie. My mother was born in 1935, so it could have been hers alone or also could have belonged to one or all of her siblings. (If it were Uncle Buds, then it was from around 1924, still, not yet 100.) It is certainly a sturdy chair. Many hours of happily reading books or using it to climb to higher heights for the two of them.