15 February 2013

Item #44, part 1

I am almost finished building the bulk of the second closet organizer (the first is here), but I thought I'd show its current state to show how it's put together. The main box is made from 3/4" plywood. I had the plywood ripped in-store, so I got a much better cut than I could have handled at home. Very simple assembly, just three shelves attached with screws. I plan on using a couple of Ikea drawers in the towers, so I sized them according to their specs for an 18" drawer. Then I added 1x4 blocking to keep the tower square and to give me a place to anchor it to the wall.

Next came the panels on the side. These are mostly decorative, but they will also support a plywood shelf. The 1x4 on the wall to the left continues the support all the way to the corner. The panels also make the tower 1.5" thick at the front so that a 1x2 face frame will perfectly cover the edge.

I should have painted all the components before installation. Oh, well. I have a few items to pick up today, but this should have a double rod and lots of clothes by the afternoon!

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glenna said...

I was thinking what a pain that was going to be to paint it once installed, but I know you were excited to get it done. Hope by now it is complete and you just haven't had time to post. Can't wait to see this finished and some of your things in it. You won't believe how that space will be eaten up when you finally get your things in place. Your bedroom closed next?