23 February 2013

One down, twenty to go.

Finally a room that is totally, utterly, completely done. Before you are too impressed, this is the smallest room in the entire house. It's not even really a room, just a closet. But it's a finished closet. That's the important part. Please ignore the mess stage left in this hugely inspiring picture.

It all started when the cable company started charging us a $4/month modem rental fee (for a modem that costs about $30 to buy outright). Naturally, we do not want to pay this. Getting a new modem seemed like a good excuse to finally get the modem and router out of the cobwebs of the basement and into its permanent home upstairs. So on Monday we finally ran the coaxial cable from the basement to the closet. On Tuesday I mudded the closet (it got taped by the professional drywaller but it got overlooked for subsequent coats), Wednesday I applied CitriStrip to the floors and covered with plastic. Thursday I sanded, primed, and painted the drywall and scraped, sanded, and shellacked the floors. Saturday I installed, caulked, and painted moulding; painted and installed cleats and a shelf; wired up an outlet; and finally moved the modem and router upstairs. There's plenty of room for more shelves later if I need them, but for now it's done. The end.

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