27 September 2011

The vanity

A couple of weekends ago I dragged Tom downtown to show him a couple of possibilities I found for the bathroom vanity. I wanted something old but not a precious antique that I would ruin by modifying. We bought an old dresser for $85 (including tax) from one of the junk antique shops downtown. It's not the curvy dresser I originally envisioned, but it fits the bill. It's well-built and solid but has a couple of minor condition problems. A little bit of the veneer is bubbling up on one of the drawers and the paint is chippy, but really nothing that some wood glue, sandpaper, and a little paint can't fix. Here she is:

The ladies that run this particular shop (Tootsie's Antiques, if you're ever in town) bought much of our house's contents when Retta Seymore was selling the house (two owners ago). In fact, they still have several pieces in their own homes! They also told me that they have some old diaries of Retta's mother-in-law, Kitta, that they'd let me have. It pays to get chatty with old ladies, I guess!

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glenna said...

That will look great once it is reconditioned. Even stash some fabric lined baskets underneath for storage, also.