28 September 2011

The home stretch

It looks like we're in the home stretch with the contractors. Thank goodness. They're nice folks and all, but having a constant stream of people in and out of the house gets nervewracking. Since Harry, the crew's boss, is offsite on another job, I feel like I've been playing the part of general contractor. It's like babysitting only worse since I'm the one paying them. I made the mistake of assuming that the guys hanging the drywall would know how to do it correctly. You're supposed to leave a 1/2" gap at the bottom to allow for house movement and to prevent any water that gets in the floor from getting wicked up into the drywall. Most people just lay down a scrap of drywall on the floor as a spacer so they're not trying to manually hold the sheet up half an inch off the floor. About half the drywall touched the floor and a day was wasted correcting the problem.

But now all the drywall is hung in the bedrooms and the finishers are on the second coat of mud. I have a lot more faith in the mudders than I do in the hangers, who were just part of Harry's general crew and apparently need almost-constant instruction. They should be finishing up the rough plumbing today and hanging drywall in the bathroom. I already told them that they're done when the baby is born regardless of whether the work is complete. We'll do whatever they haven't finished. Anyhow, here are the three rooms as they are now:

Back bedroom.

Bathroom. Obviously lots of work left to do in here.

Front bedroom. Trying out the panoramic feature on my phone's camera.

So that's where we are right now. Hopefully the bathroom will look a little better tomorrow.

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glenna said...

Looks like I might just have a place to throw my doublewide when I get into town. It's really coming along. Too bad I wasn't able to locate any of that bathroom flooring. I still think it's out there somewhere and maybe I can find it yet. Am sitting on ready.